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The Cortisol Conqueror

Regulate Cortisol and manage stress with The Cortisol Conqueror

This comprehensive guide will give you all the tools to help regulate cortisol levels. 

This is the missing piece of the puzzle that stops people moving forward with their health and wellness. Having these tools as part of your lifestyle will completely transform your hormone balance, mood, and sleep. The follow-along videos will ensure you can easily follow each exercise and not feel overwhelmed. 


This is a digital product, available for instant download. 

Following your purchase, you will receive a download link via email. This link will remain valid for 30 days allowing you time to download the guide for continued access. 

Ensure you download and save the guide within the provided 30-day window for continued access.

“Your best work yet, everyone needs this information, it’s so easy to follow and use. You have condensed so much valuable information and exercises into this guide it’s going to help thousands of people so grateful for it!”

Anna, 48.


“I have used it the last week and I started sleeping through the night for the first time in YEARS. Mindblowing.”

Lisa, 34.


“Wow wow wow this is gold. I cannot believe how user-friendly it is, I am loving using it every day. Life-changing resource! It is helping my emotional eating so much, I am becoming so much more mindful because of the exercises in the guide.”

Anka, 46. 

My mood has considerably changed since using this, I am so much more calm and not reacting to things that would have made me fly off the handle. The way you have simplified it is amazing.”

Gemma, 28. 

Honestly would have paid so much money for this, the results I am experiencing are unbelievable, improved sleep, less anxiety, and more headspace.”

Sarah, 32. 

My ADHD brain thought this was going to be tough work but its so easy to follow, I am using it with success. This is a game-changer.”

Orla, 39. 

I woke up the other morning without a feeling of dread after a decent night’s sleep. I can’t explain how much of a relief that was. The exercises have helped me get out of my head.”

Selena, 53. 

This is the first time I can confidently say I have everything to tackle fat loss, the stress used to be what threw me off a plan. Now that I am getting better at managing stress its easier to stay on track with nutrition.”

Olga, 31.

Hormone Balance made simple, less confusion more thriving. 

Empowering women to achieve all-encompassing health and well-being by moving beyond diet culture, fostering a positive mindset, and understanding how to balance their hormones.

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        Welcome to The Rebalance Club

        Many of us have been stuck in a very frustrating cycle of random solutions that at best work short-term. Our all-encompassing approach is a sensible and science-backed way to achieve hormone balance but most importantly, it’s sustainable. 

        Discover Your Potential

        At The Rebalance Club, we understand the unique challenges women face in balancing hormones and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Led by Becca Holland, a passionate health coach armed with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and a Masters in Health Education and Promotion, we’re here to guide you on a transformative 12-week journey toward improved hormone balance and wellness.

        The basis of The Rebalance Club centres around the 5 pillars of Rebalance which have a big influence on Hormone Balance: Nutrition, Mindset, Stress Management, Exercise, and Circadian Health.

        Unlock the Secrets to Success

        • Empowering Education: Throughout the Rebalance Club we aim to empower you with knowledge of the science behind hormone balance, sleep optimisation, stress management, and cultivating a resilient mindset. Armed with knowledge, you’ll be equipped to make informed decisions for your health.
        • Structured Support: Each week, we share a new masterclass, delving into topics that will revolutionise your approach to health and well-being. Our comprehensive workbook keeps you on track, ensuring you make steady progress toward your goals.
        • Community Connection: Join the Rebalance Community on our new purpose-built platform — a haven for like-minded women committed to growth and transformation. Share experiences, celebrate victories, and lean on each other for support every step of the way.
        • Access to Rebalance Community Subscription: When you finish the Rebalance Club you will be automatically enrolled into our follow-on, ongoing subscription membership for graduates of The Rebalance Club. This community continues to grow as more individuals embark on their Rebalance Club journey, offering weekly content such as ‘Monday Momentum’ mini masterclasses, the opportunity to ask questions directly, monthly challenges with prizes, and monthly live Zooms with guest experts. The Rebalance Community subscription helps to keep you on track and accountable. Enabling you to continue working towards your goals.
          This is priced at €50 per month, you can cancel at any time and you will have the option to opt out of this and to finish after the 12-week initial program.


        Embrace the Journey

        • Weekly Highlights:
          • Monday Masterclass: Immerse yourself in in-depth discussions on topics relating to the 5 pillars of Rebalance. Tune in to these pre-recorded masterclasses each week at your convenience and soak up the knowledge. We have created a 12-week workbook that we recommend you use alongside these masterclasses for the best results.
          • Tuesday Check-in: Set intentions and receive personalized guidance to propel you toward success.
          • Wednesday Wins: Celebrate your victories, big and small, as you cultivate a positive mindset and inspire others with your progress.
          • Thursday Question Box: Prepare for our exhilarating live Sunday sessions and stay in the loop on monthly challenges.
          • Friday Re-frame: Find inspiration and reflect on your journey thus far, gearing up for another week of growth and transformation.


        • Live Sunday Sessions: Engage in dynamic Zoom calls where you can interact with Becca and fellow members, getting answers to burning questions and diving deeper into the week’s topic. 


        • Monthly Movement Challenges: Energize your body and mind with fun challenges designed to ignite your passion for health and wellness. Plus, win exciting prizes along the way!


        • Downloadable Resources: Access guides on nutrition, cortisol management, and exercise, along with a comprehensive 12-week workbook to help snowball your progress.

        Extra Benefits: Interact with our dedicated team—including mindset coaches, dieticians, and clinical psychologists—for personalized support and guidance tailored to your unique journey.


        Seize the Moment

        There is never a better time for change than right now. Picture yourself thriving—sleeping soundly, savouring nutritious meals, managing stress practically, and embracing newfound energy. No matter what your circumstances, you can make improvements. By joining The Rebalance Club, you’re not just embarking on a 12-week program—you’re embarking on a lifelong journey toward better health. 

        Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Join us today and start your journey to change your lifestyle for the better.

        [Important Note: The Rebalance Club is not a 1:1 service, and individual sessions with Becca are not included in the program.]